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  Vegetable Rolls  

Cucumber Roll $4.25
Avocado Roll $5.50
Vegetable Roll $5.50
Cucumber, avocado and carrot topped with sesame
Mango Roll $5.00
Mango inside out topped with sesame
Carrot Roll $4.25
Carrot inside out topped with sesame
Sweet Potato Roll $4.25
Sweet potato topped with sesame
Green Fire $6.75
Avocado, jalapeno & sweet potato topped with crunch spicy mayo & sriracha
Tropical $7.00
Avocado, sweet potato & mango topped with crunch & eel sauce
Leo $7.00
Sweet potato, cucumber & avocado topped with crunch & ell sauce
Sunshine $7.50
Avocado, cucumber, red pepper topped with sweet potato and spicy me yo
David $7.00
Carrot avocado jalapeno & spicy mayo topped with crunch and eel sauce
Miami $7.75
Soy paper avocado and cream cheese
Sweet & Spicy $7.75
sweet potato, jalapeno, cucumber and avocado topped with spicy mayo & eel sauce
Balagan $8.50
Avocado,sweet potato topped with eggplant crunch eel sauce and spicy mayo

  Traditional Rolls  

Spicy Tuna $8.00
Spicy tuna with avocado
Spicy Salmon $8.00
Spicy salmon with avocado
Spicy Yellowtail $8.25
Spicy yellowtail and avocado
California $6.75
Imitation crab avocado cucumber
New York $12.50
Yellowtail & cucumber topped with avocado & tuna
Louisiana $12.00
Spicy tuna avocado topped with peppered tuna & avocado
Texas $12.00
Spicy tuna and avocado topped with salmon and & avocado
Crazy $10.00
Spicy tuna imitation crab cucumber & avocado topped with masago spicy mayo & sriracha
Crunch $11.00
Spicy tuna crunch & spicy mayo topped with avocado
Dynamite $11.00
Spicy yellowtail & cucumber topped salmon slice lemon & avocado
Philadelphia $10.00
Smoked salmon avocado & cream cheese topped with sesame
Rainbow $11.00
Imitation crab avocado & cucumber topped with tuna salmon and yellowtail
Crazy Monkey $8.75
Smoked salmon mango & cream cheese topped with avocado
Tornado $9.00
Cucumber wrap, avocado, sweet potato, lettuce & jalapeno topped with panzo sauce
Hurricane $11.00
Cucumber wrap, yellowtail, avocado, jalapeņo and lettuce topped with ponzu sauce
Tsunami $11.50
Cucumber wrap, fresh salmon, tuna, yellowtail and avocado topped with ponzu sauce